About Stoney Creek Winery

   Stoney Creek Winery is a family owned and operated winery. Our family has been making wine for at least 4 generations. We have a strong Mennonite heritage so getting information on who, in our family had made wine in the past is not always easy, but we are finding that wine making was more commonly practiced than talked about. I have two sons who have enjoyed making wine for us for many years, and we have enjoyed drinking it. Recently I have joined them in the joys and challenges of wine making and along with help from the staff at Purdue University our dream of starting our own winery became a reality this year on May 22nd. We had planned to open the winery in the Spring of 2009 but on March 12th we lost our home to a house fire. This of course set our lives on hold for about a year. We have now moved into our new home and two weeks later we opened the winery. We are curently making wine from juice and local fruit.  We hope that you will enjoy our wines as much as our friends and family have in the past.
Gary Plank